August 6, 2023 | Los Angeles, CA
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Sunday, August 6

11:15am PDT

Forty-Eight Stories – Open Source Inside Autodesk - Eric Bourque and Doug Walker, Autodesk
The ASWF and related open source projects have transformed the way products are built at Autodesk. The company is not only a major contributor, it's also a major consumer of OSS projects. We wanted to listen to the stories of the people building the products and hear what they think of the ASWF and the open source ecosystem -- what do they love and what do they hate? Are there any misconceptions? How could we make their jobs easier and the resulting products better? We will endeavor to portray the reality of open source in a large organization, both the struggles and the wins, through interviews with people in many different roles: developers, architects, executives, engineering managers, product owners, product designers, QA, documentation, support, and marketing experts. This includes people outside the traditional M&E market/vertical. In this talk we use quotes, metrics, word clouds, graphs, and videos to present our learnings from interviews with forty-eight people whose work lives are intertwined with the ASWF, and related projects such as USD, as they build some of the most widely used software products in the VFX and gaming industries.

avatar for Doug Walker

Doug Walker

Tech Lead, Autodesk
Doug is the Technology Lead for Color Science at Autodesk, working on products such as Flame, Maya, Arnold, and Shotgrid. He is also very active in open source projects, serving as the Chief Architect on the OpenColorIO Technical Steering Committee and as part of the Architectural... Read More →
avatar for Eric Bourque

Eric Bourque

VP Content Creation, Autodesk
Dr. Eric Bourque is VP of Content Creation products for Media & Entertainment at Autodesk and serves on the ASWF Governing Board.

Sunday August 6, 2023 11:15am - 11:45am PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor
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11:50am PDT

Open Review Initiative - Erik Strauss, Epic Games
This talk refects on the origins and evolution of the Open Review Initiave. It provides context and some insights into the process of the transformation of a question posed to the Animation and VFX communty into an open source initiaive at the ASWF.

avatar for Erik Strauss

Erik Strauss

Technology Executive, Epic Games
I am a technology leader with experience in building organizations that develop creative content tools and media processing at scale. I'm passionate about computer graphics and distributed collaboration. I thrive in areas where innovation enables creators to tell incredible stories... Read More →

Sunday August 6, 2023 11:50am - 12:10pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor
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2:30pm PDT

Adobe’s USD File Format Plugins for Interoperability - Guido Quaroni, Adobe
Adobe 3D&Immersive group will present 6 new USD plugins to allow the seamless integration of common file formats into the USD ecosystem.
These plugins will provide support for the following formats: SUBSTANCE (SBAR), GLTF, FBX, OBJ, STL and PLY.
Read and write capabilities plus implementation details will be provided during the presentation.

avatar for Guido Quaroni

Guido Quaroni

Sr.Director of Engineering, Adobe
Guido Quaroni currently works at Adobe as senior director of engineering of 3D & immersive, overseeing the engineering teams responsible for Adobe Dimension, Adobe Medium, and the Substance by Adobe (Designer, Painter and Alchemist). Prior to joining Adobe in January 2021, Guido worked... Read More →

Sunday August 6, 2023 2:30pm - 2:50pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor

2:55pm PDT

Best Practices When Developing and Releasing Open Source Tools - Jason van Gumster, Orange Turbine
Whether you're releasing your own software or contributing to an existing project, working with open source code can be tricky to do well. And in the traditionally proprietary environments of production studios, the challenges can get even more complex. However, it's not impossible. In fact, it's possible to do it really, really well and benefit from the same advantages of security, transparency, and immediacy that large enterprises have enjoyed by using open source tools and libraries as part of their infrastructure stacks. This presentation walks through a series of best practices that individuals and studios can use when working with open source code. We'll cover the commercialization of open source tools (what's really being sold; spoiler: it's not code), how to release code that's compliant with open source licenses like the GPL, and how to work with products that have mixed licensing. The talk also goes over the differences that exist when working on open source libraries as compared to open source applications. No prior experience with software licensing or software development is needed, but specific questions on those topics are always appreciated.

avatar for Jason van Gumster

Jason van Gumster

Lead, Orange Turbine
Jason van Gumster serves as the lead for Orange Turbine, CG Cookie's consulting firm. As author of Blender For Dummies, former head of a small animation studio, and designer of anti-counterfeit technology for paper currency, Jason’s experience with open source as an artist, developer... Read More →

Sunday August 6, 2023 2:55pm - 3:25pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor

3:55pm PDT

Using OpenAssetIO, OpenTimelineIO, and OpenRV to Demonstrate the MovieLabs 2030 Vision - Jim Helman & Chris Vienneau, MovieLabs & Tom Cowland, Foundry
The MovieLabs 2030 Vision for media creation envisions workflows that securely span multiple infrastructures and organizations with software-supported workflows using scalable cloud resources. This session presents the results of a demonstration project using components from ASWF projects in a secure, cross-organizational, cloud-based workflow. We used PremierePro to create a timeline that was converted to OTIO that in turn was sent to OpenRV along with streaming proxies for review. Rather than using storage locations, the OTIO timeline used asset references. These references were converted into storage locations by a plug-in using OpenAssetIO and a MovieLabs asset resolution service for OpenRV to play back the timeline. We show a demonstration of the prototype and discuss the value of this approach, as well as the challenges that we encountered, including security, as we move from perimeter-based solutions to Zero Trust models.


Chris Vienneau

Production Technology Specialist, MovieLabs
Chris has 25+ years’ experience developing tools and services for the entertainment industry for customers such as Disney, Electronic Arts, and Google. At Autodesk, he managed market leading tools like Maya, FBX and Arnold and advocated for Autodesk’s contributions to the ASW... Read More →
avatar for Jim Helman

Jim Helman

CTO, MovieLabs
Jim is CTO at MovieLabs, a technology joint venture of five major Hollywood studios. At MovieLabs, Jim has led industry initiatives including driving worldwide standards for high dynamic range video and building the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR). Earlier at SGI, Jim designed... Read More →
avatar for Tom Cowland

Tom Cowland

Cloud Team Lead, Foundry
Tom has worked in VFX and Feature Animation for the last 20 years at a variety of post-production houses, independent software vendors and service companies. He is currently working at Foundry on assorted Open Source initiatives.

Sunday August 6, 2023 3:55pm - 4:25pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor

4:45pm PDT

USD and MaterialX: Enabling Multi-vendor Collaboration at Jellyfish - Jeremy Smith, HP & Paul Baaske, Jellyfish
One of the challenges of working on large-scale VFX & Animation projects is the need for multiple parties – each with their own pipeline – to collaborate. Join Jellyfish Pictures Head of Production Technology Paul Baaske and former CTO Jeremy Smith, who is now with HP Inc, as they discuss the benefits and possibilities of working with USD and MaterialX to facilitate multi-studio collaboration.

avatar for Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Chief Technologist, HP Inc
Jeremy is the Chief Technologist for incubation projects in the Advanced Compute & Solutions division at HP Inc. Prior to joining HP, he was CTO at Jellyfish Pictures and now retains a seat on the board. At Jellyfish, he helped grow the company from an eight-man team to a facility... Read More →
avatar for Paul Baaske

Paul Baaske

Head of Production Technology, Jellyfish Pictures
Paul Baaske is the Head of Production Technology at Jellyfish Pictures, where he oversees the Pipeline Developers and Show Technical Directors to drive the company's ambitious growth and range of high-end feature animation and VFX projects. Prior to this, he worked as Global Workflow... Read More →

Sunday August 6, 2023 4:45pm - 5:05pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor

5:10pm PDT

Making xSTUDIO a Cross-Platform Reality - Ted Waine, DNEG; Michael Kessler, Epic Games & Alex Santo, Ahead
xSTUDIO is an Open Source review and playback application intended for the VFX, Animation and beyond. From the project’s inception it was intended that xSTUDIO would be cross-platform with binary distributions for MacOS, Windows and Linux. Naturally this aspect would be crucial to the success of xSTUDIO as an Open Source product. However, the initial phase of development was done exclusively on Linux. For the DNEG xSTUDIO team the cross-platform requirement remained something of low priority. Following the Open Source release of xSTUDIO dev teams from Epic Games and Ahead partnered to investigate xSTUDIO as a candidate for deployment as a playback and review solution. As a predominantly Windows platform business the next steps for Epic would require a full Windows port for xSTUDIO. The team carried out this work with (more moral than technical) support from the DNEG xSTUDIO team. In this talk we will hear about this experience of adapting the codebase and dependencies to be Windows compliant. Cross platform support is an important goal for many Open Source software products. Sharing our experience of porting a GUI application from a Linux environment to Windows, the short cuts that were learned and the build tools that enabled and accelerated this effort.


Alex Santo

Creative Software Engineer, Ahead
avatar for Michael Kessler

Michael Kessler

Senior Pipeline Developer, Epic Games
avatar for Ted Waine

Ted Waine

Expert Software Developer, DNEG
After studying physics and optics as an undergraduate Ted started his career in Medical Imaging before entering VFX in 2003, joining DNEG's R&D team. Since then Ted has worked on a wide variety of projects involving, among many things, computer vision, image based modelling, application... Read More →

Sunday August 6, 2023 5:10pm - 5:40pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor
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5:45pm PDT

Portable Render Jobs for Open Source Content Production Pipelines - Pauline Koh, Amazon Web Services
Pauline Koh, Senior Product Manager Technical at Amazon Web Services, talks on the 4 most important problems to solve for the batch computing domain of open source software, including job portability, inputs and dependencies, scalable job complexity, and human readability.

avatar for Pauline Koh

Pauline Koh

Sr. Technical Product Manager, AWS
Pauline is a technical product manager focusing on render solutions with the AWS Thinkbox Deadline team. She works closely with principal and lead developers who have contributed to Thinkbox Deadline since its first release in 2004. Previously, Pauline has been involved in startups... Read More →

Sunday August 6, 2023 5:45pm - 6:05pm PDT
Plaza I/II/III, 3rd Floor
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